Dontmesswithjuan is the solo music project of a girl who likes to stay in the shadows and express herself through her music, visuals, videos, and short stories, offering a cinematic surrealist escape.


Each album is an endless cycle lived by a designated character.


Watch her first album unfold via singles where fictional character Juan goes on his journey - 'Juan and the Pursuit of Happiness'


Emotionally charged, Trippy, Glitchy, Cinematic, Imaginative Electronica. Get lost in a bittersweet escape to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. Some icons mixed with some great independent artists.


   Dontmesswithjuan      is part of the SONO Music Group family, and works with this unconventional & innovative music label in a collaborative way. SONO helps artists bring their vision to life, making people enthusiastic about a world that has no boundaries, by communicating through music.

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Dontmesswithjuan has the immense pleasure of working with talented Illustrator Abraham Merr, who creates every song artwork. This artist can encapsulate a world of emotions into one illustration and bring another dimension to Juan's stories.

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   Dontmesswithjuan    gets all the songs mastered by wizard, Dan Fur.