Dontmesswithjuan has been drawn to and immersed in the artistic world from a very young age.  She has been writing lyrics and music for over a decade. Learning how to produce electronic music gave her the ultimate tool to share her creativity. 

Originally from Montreal, she is unfolding into her own genre called Surrealist Electronica, where her philosophical questions, haunting voice, dark textures, glitchy sound effects, and surrealist videos collide to create a cinematic world outside of human reality.


Her video editing skills come in handy to fulfill her mission with her music production, her music videos and her stories, to offer a cinematic experience escaping reality to release the creative power of your unconscious mind.

Adaptable to many different genres, Dontmesswithjuan enjoys creative collaborations where she brings her colour to produce an intriguing fusion with talented artists.

Coming out 03.26.2021 is a new remix of DAILY GRIND by NURSE.  This remix was born from a beautiful connection made through the instagram algorithm.  Dontmesswithjuan has been a fan of Nurse, AKA Genny, since she met her almost 11 months ago.  Her dark techno and unique style makes Nurse's sound recognizable.  Dontmesswithjuan is so honoured to have a remix from this artist, who kept the essence of the song and at the same time took it somewhere so different.  Nurse really made DAILY GRIND her own. Both are very proud and happy with the result.  All that is left to say is... Don't Mess With Nurse!


Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Dontmesswithjuan, the new single MR. UCHI from her album Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness released on 03.05.2021 and was  followed by accompanying surrealist video and short story. This mysterious and hypnotizing track was made with bird soundscapes that she recorded herself in the Amazon jungle. This cinematic song paints a life changing night where fictional character Juan meets a new character Mr. Uchi, a magical bird who represents nature. They will exchange a part of themselves and Juan will understand that he is a part of nature and nature is part of him.  The amazing artwork is by Abraham Merr and was inspired by a bird Dontmesswithjuan fell in love with, commonly called the Crested Oropendola, whose song is also present in MR. UCHI 


Recently featured on Brighton based producer and visual artist Asta Hiroki’s song SLUMBER, the first single of his anticipated debut album, both of their dreamy styles merge into one lucious track of downtempo nourishment. Dontmesswithjuan’s vivid lyricism mixes the everyday and the surreal with overarching themes of stopping and stepping back for reflection, looking to find joy and beauty in simple moments, and not just sleepwalking through modern life scenarios and situations.


Dontmesswithjuan and her record label SONO Music Group are in the process of releasing her first debut album Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness in 8 singles. Each single represents a level into fictional character Juan’s quest to shed light on his questions of purpose.